An Elmont lawyer arrested on suspicion of drunken driving tried to bribe a cop to skew the results of his breath-alcohol test, Nassau police said Tuesday.

Even after the cop operating the breath-testing machine refused a $1,000 bribe, attorney Unni Krishnan, 54, insisted on paying him off and even wrote out a check for $2,000 payable to the officer, police said.

"He upped the ante a bit," said Det. Lt. Raymond Cote, commander of the Third Detectives Squad.

Krishnan, whose business card lists him as an attorney and a PhD., told the cop inside county police headquarters Monday night in Mineola that he was a scientist who could rig the machine to give false results, Cote said.

"In his mind, he had the knowledge and the ability to alter our equipment in police headquarters so it would display an inaccurate reading of his BAC," Cote said, referring to the blood-alcohol content reading.

Krishnan was charged with felony bribery and drunken driving at Nassau police headquarters in Mineola.

"Mr. Krishnan had the audacity to question the integrity of the officer or that of our agency," Cote said.

The incident began when a Fifth Precinct officer went to Fletcher Avenue and Howell Road in North Valley Stream for a reported car accident. There, the officer saw a 1995 Nissan that had struck a utility pole, and the officer also noted that the operator appeared to be intoxicated, police said.

Krishnan, of 720 Marick Ct., Elmont, was taken to the Central Testing Section in Mineola for processing, and that's where the bribery attempt took place, police said. Krishnan told the officer doing the testing, "I'll give you $1,000 if you fix it so that I can go home tonight," police said.

The cop called over a supervising sergeant, who scolded Krishnan.

"The sergeant comes over to him and says, 'You're an attorney, you should know better. This can't happen.' "

Krishnan wasn't charged with bribery at that point, but Krishnan insisted he pay off the cop, and wrote the check, police said.

A 1997 graduate of Touro College law school, he is listed in the Martindale-Hubbell legal directory as Kodampallil Ramakrishna Unnikrishnan, with an office at 1170 Broadway in Manhattan (New York City)" id="PLGEO100100804010000">Manhattan. The state's Unified Court System lists him at the same address, under the name Unni Krishnan. He was admitted to the bar in 1997 and his registration is current through 2009.

He is charged with bribery of a public servant, aggravated driving while intoxicated and driving while intoxicated. He was released on his own recognizance.

Krishnan told the police officer he'd only had one drink at a conference, police said.

The aggravated-driving-while-intoxicated charge means he is accused of consuming about double the legal limit.

Police said they were legally prohibited from releasing the results of Krishnan's breath test.