Statue Of Liberty Replica Beheaded On YouTube Replaced
A popular replica of the Statue of Liberty that was swiped from a Brooklyn cafe and beheaded on YouTube was replaced Sunday, courtesy of a Manhattan restaurant.

Restaurant workers brought the new statue on a procession to Vox Pop in Ditmas Park from One if by Land, Two if by Sea in Greenwich Village.

The original 8-foot-tall Lady Liberty replica was stolen last month from in front of the cafe on Cortelyou Road.

A shocking video was later posted online of the statue being decapitated and smashed to pieces.

The theft of the sculpture came to a happy ending when Tom Kirk, the dining room manager of One if by Land, Two if by Sea, agreed to donate the restaurant's own Liberty statue.

"I just thought it was a horrible, disgusting thing," Kirk told the New York Daily News. "I called my owners and said what do you think if we donate our statue. They were ready and willing to help."

The statue, which is approximately 35-years-old, was lowered from the roof of the Barrow St. restaurant and carried through the dining room in order to be removed from the establishment.

A crowd of well-wishers then rolled Lady Liberty through lower Manhattan and across the Brooklyn Bridge. Police are continuing to investigate who might have carried out the theft of the statue.

The NYPD has issued subpoenas to Yahoo! and YouTube in hopes of tracking down the online vandals, said Vox Pop owner Sander Hicks.