Judge Dismisses Suit Over NJ Teen Driver Decals
Teenage drivers in New Jersey have no choice but to be loud and proud.

A judge upheld a new law Friday that requires drivers younger than 21 to display decals on their vehicle license plates indicating they are a new driver.

State Superior Court Judge Robert Brennan dismissed a lawsuit Friday brought by Gregg Trautmann, who claimed the law was unconstitutional. Trautmann argued the decals would allow police officers to discriminate against young drivers, while allowing sex offenders to easily identify and victimize teens.

But, Brennan said that "operating a motor vehicle is not a right, it's a privilege subject to state regulations."

The measure has been nicknamed "Kyleigh's Law," for Kyleigh D'Alessio of Long Valley, a 16-year-old honor student killed in a December 2006 crash.

The law takes effect May 1st.