A Superior Court judge in Morristown has upheld a law requiring new drivers to add an orange decal to the front and rear license plates.

"Operating a motor vehicle is not a right, it's a privilege subject to state regulations," Judge Robert Brennan said in support of "Kyleigh's Law," which will go in to effect on May 1 as scheduled.

Attorney Gregg Trautman filed the lawsuit on behalf of his son and nephew, arguing that the law discriminates against teenagers and would make them a target for sexual predators.

Trautman also said the law violates "equal protection" rights because young out-of-state drivers will not be subject to the new regulation.

Kyleigh's Law is named after Kyleigh D'Alessio, a 16-year-old student from West Morris Central High School who was killed in a December 2006 car crash. Kyleigh was the passenger and another teen was the driver.