Happy Hump Day Everyone!
Happy Hump Day everyone! I hope you all read my release about my "coming soon" blog here on wpix.com! Eventually you will be able to leave your comments and questions. Until then, you can find me here and I will link this all to my Facebook page as well. Speaking of Facebook, this morning I linked my story from here yesterday and Mark from West Islip asked "what is wrong with your cat, does he have a cast on?" Well Mark you are very observant. Yes cuddles had a cast on his little foot.

Last year when I lived in Long Island City, I came home one day to find my Persian, who's name is Princess, alone in my 5th floor apartment. I looked around for Cuddles but he was nowhere to be found. :( So I check the hallway and even knocked on the neighbor's doors. Still there was no Cuddles. Hmmm...I started wondering if maybe he got out while the realtor was showing the apartment since I was moving that month. I decided to call the front desk to see if maybe someone had found him roaming the building. (You know, maybe there was a kitty lost and found :) )

So when I asked the doorman if he's seen my cat, he quickly responded "Ahhhhh that was YOUR cat?" I said "what do you mean?" He says," Jill, I'm not sure how to tell you this but your cat fell out the window!" I of course did that obnoxious girl scream and immediately assumed the worst. He said "No he's ok someone brought him to the vet!." I then do the other over panicked and annoying girl thing by running down five flights of stairs (thinking the elevator couldn't get me down to the lobby quicker, which of course it could of) So as I arrive at the front desk (huffing and puffing) I learn that a passer-byer found Cuddles sitting outside at the curb very distraught. She noticed he was a bit "cut up" and was limping. So they gave me the vets number of where she brought the cat. I called and it turned out Veterinarians don't accept "stray" cats, therefore the pet store was holding him for me. I was in disbelief. I still cant believe they deny "strays" (as they thought my lil Cuddles was) and therefore denied him treatment. Will Obama's Healthcare plan include animals? It should!

I then walk into the pet store and find my poor little Cuddles in a cardboard box, just laying there almost life-less. It didn't even look like him. His eyes were so dilated, his lip was cut up and he just stared at me as if he didn't recognize his own mother! I obviously wasn't going to bring him to the vet down the block who denied Cuddles treatment just hours ago. Instead I drove an hour away to Centereach, Long Island where I visited my good friend, Dr. Charles Greco.

After the x-rays Dr. Greco informed me Cuddles bruised his body including his organs and suffered from a sprained ankle. The good news was that he'd survive! So after a week I was able to bring Cuddles back home and it took quite a few months for him to get around again. Now you may be wondering how did Cuddles get outside? Well I always left the window open (only a crack because that is the way all the windows in new hi rises are) but Cuddles was still able to squeeze through the window. The Dr mentioned he may have saw a bird and decided to jump after it. Then it dawned on me that Cuddles nickname is "The Jumper" Why? If you motion towards him, he will jump onto your shoulder, back or even head. He is the most affectionate cat that I have ever met(and that says a lot coming from a girl who has raised over 120 cats in her life, yep that's the truth!)

Cuddles is now healthy, happy and still loves "jumping on command!" I was so worried that he would lose that urge and lose his affection. But nope! He is back to being the wonderful son that he was :) Unfortunately Cuddles is still very mean to his sister Princess, but that is another "tail" I'll leave for another time :) I will be uploading videos of Cuddles as soon as I get my BLOG SPOT set up on here..which again will be sometime next week .

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FYI The picture you see above entitled "The Back-up Plan..." (have you seen the movie review yet?) is just a tease for tomorrow's story I will be posting. Yes that is our own Staten Island Chuck. Is he really my Back-up plan? Stay Tuned...