Jennifer Aniston Halts Traffic For Miles
An average Monday morning on the Seaford-Oyster Expressway was anything but average for commuters trying to get around town. With choppers hovering over head and traffic backed up for miles, one would've thought a massive car pile-up was to blame. Low and behold, it was just a massive movie star.

Jennifer Aniston is in town filming scenes for her latest movie "The Bounty Hunter," a romantic comedy co-starring Gerard Butler. Butler plays the role of bounty hunter who has been hired to track an ex-wife, played by Aniston, who portrays a reporter.

In an effort to capture the setting of a real major highway, officials closed down the Seaford-Oyster Bay between Merrick Road and Sunrise Highway at 6 a.m., and Nassau County police tells PIX News, it will remain closed until 8 p.m. Monday.

In the scene that is sure to be causing major traffic headaches, Butler's character is behind the wheel of a car flying down the Expressway while Aniston's character is tied up in the trunk.

Producers say it's the type of scene that takes an entire day to film.

The A-list actors, themselves were the highlight for a couple of spectators curious about the filming and watched from the Sunrise Highway overpass.

In addition to Long Island, scenes for the "The Bounty Hunter" have also been shot in Atlantic city, the West Village and Queens.

The film is expected to hit theaters some time next year.