Chances are the Great Neck Kings Point intruder will strike again tonight... that is... Statistically speaking.

He hit 7 times, in the past 7 weeks, 5 times during the overnight hours on tuesdays into Wednesdays.

"we try to be ready for him every night." Kings Point Police Commissioner Jack Miller told PIX 11 News.

His department and Nassau police are all over the Kings Point Penisula where the crimes occurred.

The sense of urgency to catch the man in these photos... was upped when DNA left behind on a hat linked the suspect to 2 violent unsolved crimes, one the kidnapping and rape of a two year old girl.

"since we gotten the DNA and we've been able to see what his past criminal history is, it certainly raised our concerns." said Miller, who went on to say they feel like they're closing in on this guy, in large part due to tips from the public that have been coming in, they want those tips to keep on coming."

"Right now everything is important no matter what you hear no matter what you see call us right away."

With Miller says they learn more about the intruder, last week they were on the scene of an attempted break in within less than 2 minutes and tracked the suspect into the Kings Point park.

"We learned direction of travel and how he is coming in and leaving, so every time we gather a little more information, we feel we are a little closer."

Residents are urged to lock their doors, and windows and to set alarms, or surveillance systems.

It was a neighbors surveillance camera that caught the intruder last week running through their yard as he fled from an attempted break in.