Couple Had Sex For 30 Minutes In Front Of Public Pool Patrons
A couple who apparently couldn't wait to get home were caught having sex in a public pool in Indiana, according to police.

Parents tried to pull their kids away from the oversexed swimmers -- Myron Helms, 33, and Victoria Cross, 40 -- as the two proceeded to have sex for at least 30 minutes, according to witnesses.

A concerned parent told park pool manager Cindy Schwab what the two were doing below the surface, and when Schwab walked over to tell them to stop, she surprised them in the act . According to a Connorsville police report, "Cindy advised that when the female moved away from the male, she could see the male's penis."

Witness were all "visibly disturbed by the incident", which took place in front of 20 to 25 other swimmers.

Helms and Cross both received misdemeanor indecency charges.