One of America's favorite musicals, is making a big return to the Great White Way in a brand new production, and the cast just got a surprise visit from iconic star Olivia Newton John.

The four-time Grammy Award winner teamed up with the Broadway cast to spread the word and raise awareness about Breast Cancer. The original "Rydel High" star joined the cast on stage Tuesday night to present Liv aid breast self-exam kits to every female audience member.

A breast cancer survivor herself and now a crusader for the disease, Newton-John has partnered with CURVES to launch an international campaign to distribute one million Liv aid kits during October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The Liv aid is a simple, FDA-cleared medical device that makes clinical and breast self-examinations effortless and more comfortable.

Newton-John hopes the campaign will encourage women to become more actively involved in the cause.

According to the American Cancer Association, in 2007 alone, breast cancer claimed over 40,000 lives.