Teen Charged In LI Hate Crime Takes Stand
A Riverhead courtroom is filled with tension today as the teenager charged with the hate crime killing of a Hispanic immigrant testified.

Jeffrey Conroy, who is charged with murder and manslaughter, told the court that someone else did the fatal stabbing. Conroy explained to the jury that Christopher Overton, 17, admitted to him that he stabbed Marcelo Lucero in November 2008 .

Conroy says it was Overton who handed him the knife after the stabbing because Overton was out on bail on a felony conviction. Conroy says he had turned away and did not witness the stabbing.

Questions have arisen as to why Conroy would have originally confessed to the stabbing in a written statement to police only to now change his story.

The lawyer for Overton, Paul Gianelli, told Newsday that his client did not stab the victim and that Conroy is a desperate person. "It's hard to believe that Conroy would take the blame and confess to this, for someone that he just met."

The killing has made national headlines since the 7 young men were charged with various crimes involving the racially charged incident.