PATCHOGUE, NEW YORK - There's a new force patrolling the streets of Patchogue: the Guardian Angels.

The Angels are spreading out into neighborhoods and on Main Street during night time hours.

Their main mission is to add a level of protection for Hispanic immigrants.

"Most importantly trying to encourage them to lead a normal life," said Curtis Sliwa, the Guardian Angels Founder. "Not to be so afraid and terrified that there will be other attacks by men or women or others deciding to target them," he said.

The call comes after the murder of Marcello Lucero, an Ecquadorian immigrant, that police say was singled out by a pack of white teens on the prowl for anyone who looked Hispanic.

Since then, dozens of Latinos in Patchogue have come forward claiming they too were beaten or robbed by whites spewing racial hate.

"We believe they will see some of their own people who speak their language and also speak English and can assist them," said Fernando Mateo, of Hispanics Across America. "We believe with the Guardian Angels we'll probably see a reduction in these types of attacks," he said.

Long time resident Manuel Roman is glad to see the red berets.

"The situation is getting worse and there is a lot of prejudice in Patchogue," Roman said.

On Main Street, some people weren't so sure if the Guardian Angels are necessary.

"The town is getting a bad rap there is good and bad all over the place," said Joan Canazio.

Suffolk police did not comment Monday. Off camera an officer told us he welcomed the new patrols, saying it could only help.

It's not the first time the Guardian Angels have come to Suffolk County. In 2005, they set up on the North Fork to combat drug problems in Greenport, but have since left.

The Guardian Angels plan on staying in Patchogue for as long as it takes for everyone in the community to feel safe. They hope to recruit people from the area to join their forces.