Green Collar Jobs
We talk about blue collar jobs, but what about green collar jobs? What kind of Eco-friendly positions are sustainable in the world of sustainability?
 Marni Majorelli tells us about her position as an ecological landscape designer. She shows us a model her company "Alive Structures" used to create beautiful green rooftops around new York City. The idea is to reduce greenhouse gases and electricity, while saving water.

"They reduce the speed in which water drains," Marni said. "There are so many roofs in this city, so I think there's a lot of real-estate for us to work on and people's minds are changing. New York City is very progressive."

Both the city and where she works seem to be progressive. Marni shows us the eccentric office building on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. While she gives us a tour, we run into other leaders of the green job-front, like the CEO of Eco-Systems 

Andrew Personette's Eco-friendly furniture is secured because of his recent invention called "The Snugget".

"We developed The Snugget which is kind of like a modern screw. You can see our desk is assembled with it and without any tools.

With more and more people interested in the green workforce, and searching for an education that matches, Marni says with millions of untouched rooftops and energy saving strategies to be found, there are endless opportunities to create a green career.