Half Of Ill Granny's House Up For Sale
Half of an ill grandmother's Long Island home is up for sale because of a tangled bankruptcy.

In her will, Joan Fleming, 81, who lives alone in her $300,000 ranch on Lombardy Boulevard in Bay Shore, left the home to her two children.

However, things took a turn for the worse when her son Michael, 49, who used to own a mini golf course, declared bankruptcy in April.

In order to satisfy the court, Michael's share of the property was put up for sale this week and is expected to be auctioned off on Oct. 7 at a local hotel.

However, according to reports, one of the conditions of the sale is that Joan has the right to live in the house until she dies.

In addition, sources tell the NY Post, anyone who buys Michael's share of the home couldn't move in -- even after Joan's death -- without striking a deal with his sister on payment of an outstanding $66,000 mortgage.

Fleming's bankruptcy attorney said it's unusual for the federal bankruptcy trustee to sell half a house -- especially with an unpaid mortgage.