PATCHOGUE, NEW YORK - Emotions continue to run high in the Long Island town of Patchogue.

The state Human Rights Commissioner attended a meeting Friday aimed at healing the community and at times tempers flared.

Things got real tense when Suffolk County legislator Jack Eddington, who has supported what has been widely viewed as anti-immigrant legislation, came face to face with Fransico Hernandez.

Hernandez says he has been made to feel like a second rate citizen and says he too has been assaulted because he's Latino.

"This happens a lot here, and that is sad, that is so sad," he said.

While steps were being taken to quell racial tensions, a few blocks away Hector Sierra told us he doesn't know if he'll ever feel safe walking home from work at night.

"As I was running away from them they pinch me from behind," he said. "Right in the neck and head."

Sierra managed to escape from an angry mob of teens the same night, 37-year-old Marcello Lucero, was beaten and stabbed to death near the Patchogue Train Station.

"I believe it's the same connection, they went toward the train station a few minutes later," Sierra said. "I believe it was the same kids who stabbed this guy."

Seven Patchogue-Medford high school teenagers were arrested that night.

17-year-old Jeffrey Conroy is charged with manslaughter, while the other teens are facing gang assault charges for the attack on Lucero.

Police say the assault was carried out because the angry pack of teens were looking to beat up anyone who looked Hispanic.

While a grand jury was getting ready to hand up the indictment against the teens, many Hispanic leaders are hoping the charges will be upgraded.

As for Sierra, he says he is just glad to be alive.

"I might not be here talking to you, those kids are real savages," he said.

Meanwhile police are continuing to investigate whether or not there were more victims attacked by the teenagers.