As if there aren't enough taxes, you could soon be paying more for soda.
In an effort to close the $15 billion state budget gap, New York Governor David Paterson is calling for a 15 percent tax on soft drinks.
If you drink diet, you're okay.  The tax would only be imposed on regular, non-diet soft drinks.
The logic: it could generate more than $400 million while helping to curve obesity.

For that reason some public health advocates support the soda tax, hoping it will lead to healthier choices.
But a lot of people we spoke with aren't convinced diet soda is healthy.

"I think diet soda is unhealthy to begin with so I think they should tax all soda," said one local woman.

Ed Sherman at McBreen's Beverage in Lynbrook, thinks a new tax could make things real confusing.

"It would be a difficult thing to regulate what's considered diet and what's not considered diet," Sherman said.  "There is a fine line with a lot of sodas."
The specifics of the proposed 15% soda tax haven't been released yet.

Details of the governors budget plan are expected to be unveiled Tuesday.