A new Brooklyn restaurant is creating quite a stir with one particular dish on its menu.

'Do or Dine' on Bedford Avenue in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, is offering donuts stuffed with foie gras -- a very controversial French delicacy made from the fatty liver of a duck.

"It looks like a donut, but it tastes like heaven," promises co-owner and creator, Justin Warner.

To its detractors, however, heaven is not the right word. Foie gras is now banned in several states because of animal cruelty concerns – the ducks are often caged and forced-fed so that the fat builds up on the liver.

For eleven bucks, people without qualms can order a donut filled with the controversial liver pâté. Warner says he averages 30 orders a week.

In French cuisine, Foie Gras, is considered a well-known delicacy in upscale restaurants.

In Brooklyn, a petition has already started on-line called, "Do or Dine Restaurant: Stop Serving Foie Gras Donuts" with over 600 signatures collected already.

Comments like," Birds should not die for donuts," can be found in the comments. A counter-petition has also started with less than ten signatures.

"We are just a small restaurant trying to stay alive and give good food to our neighborhood," said Warner, serving up another donut for another happy customer.