Fake Cop And Accused Child Molester Did It Before

An accused sexual pervert, arrested Thursday for attacking a fifteen-year old boy, should not have been out on the streets in the first place. 

The NYPD had the chance to arrest 50-year old Steven Pappas back in 2009, after a twelve-year old victim came forward and said he had been sexually assaulted by a man posing as a police officer at the 53rd Street train station in Sunset Park Brooklyn. The cops apparently did not believe his story. 

Speaking after an interfaith breakfast in Midtown, NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said, "You have to judge credibility.  It's a very sensitive area.  The special people are trained to do this, do it extremely well and in this instance, it proves the young man--the boy--was correct."

Pappas was arrested yesterday for allegedly tricking a fifteen-year old boy into his van at the same 53rd street station and driving him to 92nd Street in Bay Ridge where he was raped.  In that case, police say Pappas also flashed a police badge. 

It was the former victim's mother who alerted police, after seeing Pappas' mug shot on television.

Commissioner Kelly had earlier said Pappas was carrying the badge of an active duty police officer during the attack.  But today, Kelly said it was actually a duplicate badge given to the level 3 sex offender by someone he knows. 

Back in 1999, Pappas served five years in prison for another similar incident.  The investigation into how he obtained the police badge is on-going.