It's been a week and a half since mother and daughter nurses Tatyana and Larisa Prikhodko were murdered in a Sheepshead Bay apartment, and frustrations are mounting.

The suspected killer Nikolai Rakossi boarded a one way flight to his Russian homeland a day after the murders, and with no extradition treaty with Russia, it's unlikely he'll ever face a New York jury.

But people in the Brooklyn community are refusing to let the double homicide case die, and are turning to Facebook to track down the elusive Russian army veteran.

The Facebook page called "R.I.P. Larisa Prikhodko & Her Mother" has garnered more than 3,000 likes.

The wall is filled with postings that express everything from heartfelt condolences to cries for justice to how to go about finding Rakossi, who was Tatyana Prikhodko's husband, and Larisa Prikhodko's stepfather.

"First of all it will get his picture across, not only here but over there," said Sheepshead Bay resident Larry Yundelson. "Maybe somebody will see him, report him, whatever, it'll help.

Dasha Bakunenko, who manages the Russian restaurant Glechik in Sheepshead Bay, says the information should also be posted on which is Russia's version of Facebook.

"It's used only by Russian people so I think it would be much better and not only that, you can see who views your pages," she said.