Exploring All Things 'Green' At The Organic Grill
The Organic Grill on the Lower East Side was the first of its kind to open in the area 10 years ago. Since then, owner Julia Chebotar says the "green trend" has grown and people are gaining interest in organic food.

"Organic is healthier for you because of the produce, vegetables and what you buy has less chemicals and pesticides during production and it's less harmful to you when you ingest them," Chebotar says as we talk inside her 99.9 percent organic restaurant.

The more we explore the restaurant, the more we learn that organic is more than just what you can chew.

"Organic" can be applied to baby products, home care, cleaning products and even beer. Companies like Organic Direct, which is in partnership with Organic Grill, takes these types of products and ships them all around New York City and surrounding areas.

With your average New York City organic shipping company reportedly spilling out thousands of orders a month, it seems the organic trend is no longer just a trend. It's a lifestyle.


The Organic Grill 123 First Avenue, New York, NY 10003 (212) 477-7177, www.theorganicgrill.com