WEST BABYLON, N.Y (WPIX) -- An ex-New York City cop reportedly heated over allegations of infidelity apparently shot at his wife and another male before turning the gun on himself, according to authorities.

Cecil Ramsay, 51, reportedly shot himself in the head outside of his West Babylon home Saturday morning. Before killing himself Suffolk County police say Ramsay fired several shots at a vehicle, carrying his wife and another man.

All three individuals involved in the shooting are reportedly all current or former NYPD officers.

Suffolk County police said the altercation began when Dady Belfort returned home with her male friend, Edwin Chittick. That's when Ramsay flipped and accused the two of having a romantic relationship-an allegation that both individuals denied, Det. Lt. Jack Fitzpatrick told Newsday.

Belfort and Chittick reportedly tried to leave the home in a Mercedez-Benz, when Ramsay fired his gun at least three times at the moving vehicle. One of the bullets hit Chitticks hand.

When the vehicle drove off, Ramsay shot himself in the head, according to police.

Neighbors in the quiet community said they were in complete shock when they heard the shots go off around 10 a.m.

Detectives say they don't believe Ramsay's wife was having an affair as he had suspected.

Belfort and Ramsay have three children together. It's not clear whether or not they were home at the time of the shooting.