Drag Racing Dollar Vans Cause Deadly Hit And Run In Brooklyn
Police are still sorting out a deadly hit and run that cops say started with a dollar van. Witnesses say the van may have been racing another van. . Just before midnight a van traveling north on Flatbush Avenue near Hawthorne slammed into a guy crossing the street according to police.

A witness who asked that he not be identified told PIX11 News "Two vans were racing . He stepped out of the safety of a double parked car and he was hit." The witness went on to say. "He was thrown and when he landed he rolled under a Camry heading south."

Elizabeth Joley says she was sitting in a parked car with her brother talking when the van came barreling down Flatbush slamming into car after car, " Bang, bang, bang, bang bang, cars hitting. I looked outside and a lady is screaming somebody is under the car. she added "I went and looked and there was a body so I pulled out my cellphone and called 911. It's something you never want to see."

Cops say the man who is described only as about 40 and Hispanic was pronounced dead on arrival at Kings County Hospital.

But there's more. After hitting the pedestrian witnesses say the driver jumped out and got into another dollar van to make his getaway. Just before 4 am Thursday cops slapped the hand cuffs on a guy sources say is relevant to the investigation.

Witnesses on the scene told PIX11 they believe the guy in custody was the driver of the van that helped the other driver escape. The driver who hit the pedestrian is described as a black male in his 20's with an injured left arm. Cops are looking for him at local hospitals.

At least 3 others suffered non-life-threatening injuries. The investigation continues.