Kithe Brewster is to the best dressed list, what Henry Ford was to the automobile.”

- Camilla Morton, British Vogue

Fashion Editor and Celebrity Stylist Kithe Brewster has cultivated a fiercely loyal following among celebrities, fashion magazines and those who desire brazenly creative designs and innovative thinking. Brewster's vast experiences in Europe and the United States have shaped his unique style sensibilities—his work not only makes a statement, but creates a fresh style. At the age of nineteen Brewster left the United States for Paris, which proved to be an important and groundbreaking decision. He quickly embraced the Parisian scene, became a hot commodity in the world of fashion and shortly after was one of the most sought after stylists.

After seven years in Paris, Brewster moved to London to style musicians including the group B*witched, a post-Spice Girls multi-platinum selling band, that he imaged from the start. Their video “C’est La Vie” was credited for the return of denim to the mainstream. Shortly after, Finley Quaye chose Brewster to revamp his image for the Brit Awards in 1998. Quaye won “Best Male Solo Artist” of the year. As Brewster’s client’s musical talent took the night’s high honor, Brewster quietly won the respect from peers and pop icons for imaging celebrities at career-crucial moments. While in London, Brewster began working for fashion magazines such as Elle and Scene. Brewster’s epic vision was quickly recognized and he emerged as a major player in the London fashion scene. He was juggling assignments and became a contributing editor to an array of American and European magazines, including Vanity Fair, Interview, Flaunt, Chic (Dutch), Scene, British Elle, French and American Jalouse, and Surface. His contributions to these publications gained attention from the crème de la crème in fashion, as well as Europe’s and Hollywood’s celebrity elite.

Word of his work spread, and requests came in from the United States. Brewster took a quick jaunt to the States for his first booking in Hollywood. A few months later and he was still filling an undying demand of style-savvy actors and musicians; his calendar was booked to capacity and his focus was 100% on his clients. After fourteen successful years in Europe as a fashion editor and stylist, Brewster decided to return to the United States, where his work was in demand by the influencers of pop culture. Actress Julianne Moore requested he take her under his wing and become the personal fashion stylist to the up-and-coming actress. Brewster also signed rapper Eve as a full time client. He kept Eve and Julianne Moore on best dressed lists all over the world. This juggling act went on for three consecutive years, catapulting client to fashion icon status. His work continued in television and print advertising campaigns with Revlon, L’Oreal, Roc-A-Wear, Puma and more. Brewster was firmly established as a leading Hollywood stylist for Hollywood’s leading ladies.

Kevyn Aucoin, the late celebrity makeup legend, was also smitten with Brewster’s style, and booked him to style the majority of his acclaimed book, Face Forward. Brewster collaborated with Aucoin for photo shoots which transformed Celine Dion to look like Maria Callas, Gwenyth Paltrow as Faye Dunaway in ‘Bonnie and Clyde,’ Julianne Moore as Twiggy, and a multitude of other celebrities that will forever be a part of fashion history. Aucoin was instrumental in spreading the word throughout Hollywood that Brewster was one of the best stylists he had worked with. Brewster’s vision helped redefine celebrity editorial. Having styled over fifteen covers for Flaunt magazine with some of hottest stars like Adrien Brody, Cate Blanchett, Drew Barrymore, Selma Hayek, Winona Ryder, and many others, he established a trend of replacing the ‘supermodel’ with celebrity, and American publications were quick to adopt this strategy.

His contribution and thumbprint on the music industry is powerful. America may not recognize Kithe Brewster, but they have admired his fashion style on Beyonce, Lil’ Kim, Usher, Jessica Simpson, Garbage, Bryan Adams, Brandy and more. Brewster styled Eve’s “Let Me Blow Your Mind” music video which featured musician and fashion-designer, Gwen Stefani, and cameos from Dr. Dre, DMX, Jadakiss and Styles P. The video won the MTV Award for “Best Female” video in 2001. A few years later, Brewster contributed to Outkast’s largest commercial success with his work on the “Hey Ya” music video. Brewster styled rapper Andre 3000 as eight different versions of himself, playing on comparisons to The Beatles as the video mimicked their infamous performance on the Ed Sullivan Show. In 2004, “Hey Ya” caught the country’s attention and was awarded with: MTV Awards for “Best Hip Hop” video and “Video of the Year;” and Grammy Awards for “Best Urban/Alternative Performance,” and “Album of the Year” becoming the first album consisting solely of hip-hop to receive that honor.

The list of celebrities styled by Brewster reads like a who’s who list in Hollywood and music, and it continues to grow. Perhaps most interestingly, Brewster’s work with Heidi Klum is adored by millions of at-home viewers, and burgeoning fashion designers and models who compete on the preeminent show which honors fashion, "Project Runway."

Within the world of fashion, Kithe Brewster’s name is synonymous with fierce creativity. He is continuously scaling to new heights. His independent perspective, talent and unique design sense sets Kithe Brewster, and his clients, apart from the pack.

Celebrity stylist Kithe Brewster (Heidi Klum, Julianne Moore, Kate Bekinsale, Tyra Banks, Beyonce), he has been losing weight since January with Duke Diet and Everyday Health. He has already lost an impressive 66 pounds and counting! 


Kithe has had a camera crew following him and the web series has been streaming on since Febuary 14th. 

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