Cops: "Techie" Blew $70 Million and Turned to Gun-Running

The boyfriend and business partner of a Manhattan woman busted in a drug and gun- running operation angrily turned PIX 11 away from their penthouse Monday, when we

tried to ask him how they blew $70 million dollars from the sale of their Internet company.

38 year old Jennifer Sultan of East 17th Street was arrested this past Thursday, accused of trying to sell a gun to a Queens drug dealer.  Police also suspect she sold more than 60-thousand painkillers to the dealer, Ivan Chavez. 

The New York Post reported Sultan turned to selling painkillers, after she and her boyfriend, Adam Cohen, used up their millions in the last decade.  They filed for bankruptcy, and all they have left is their ten room, $6 million dollar penthouse in the Flatiron district of Manhattan.

When PIX 11 walked up eight flights to find the penthouse Monday, we saw the "bashed in" door that police kicked last Thursday, when they raided Sultan's home.  We set off an alarm when we got too close to the apartment.

"You're on private property", Adam Cohen bellowed a few minutes later, when he peered over the remnants of the door.  When we tried asking him what happened to the $70 million dollars, he said, "I'm calling the police now." 

The police never showed up, but PIX 11 left the floor.

Sultan was arrested in an operation that also netted a New York City police officer, Nicholas Mina, accused of stealing 9mm guns from the lockers of fellow cops in the 9th Precinct--and then selling them to his Queens drug dealer, Chavez.  Mina confessed to investigators that he was addicted to the painkiller, Oxycodone, and he was selling the guns to pay off drug debt.

PIX 11 spoke to Special Narcotics Prosecutor, Bridget Brennan, who told us Oxycodone addicton has become a scourge of the middle class, even pulling nurses and pharmacists into its grip. 

Brennan noted a bottle of 120 pills--a month's supply--might cost $200 in the pharmacy, but that same bottle would be worth $2400 on the street....with pills in New York often going on the black market for $20 a pop, while they can sell as high as $80 each in states like Massachusetts.  "So, you'll see New York dealers collecting thousands of pills and transporting them to Massachusetts for re-sale there," Brennan said.  "The profit margin is huge."

Jennifer Sultan is being held until bail requirements are met and could face additional charges in the near future.