The New York City Police Department is denying allegations Tuesday that two police officers abandoned an elderly Alzheimer's patient after she wandered off to a popular Chelsea nightclub.

Betty Zengel, 86, turned up at the velvet rope of hotspot M2 Ultralounge around midnight Sunday after vanishing around 8 a.m. Saturday. Zengel had been at church that day, when she seemingly vanished after attending mass. Her son, who was supposed to pick her up from her Yorkville apartment at 9 a.m, called police after searching the immediate area for her.

Around 16-hours later a worried security guard at the nightclub alerted authorities after he spotted the distressed woman hanging out in front of the club scaring off customers, police said.

Employees told the New York Post two officers took the woman away but dumped her off on a corner just blocks away from where they had picked her up. The club's owner, Joey Morrissey, said he saw Zengel walking alone in the rain up Tenth Ave.

Morrissey said he immediately confronted the officers, but was quickly brushed off, with one of the cops saying Zengel was "fine."

The two NYPD officers in question are denying the claims, saying they did take Zengel to the precinct after they spotted her walking disoriented by herself in the rain.

Zengel, is now in the care of her son, in Glen Rock, New Jersey.

"We're just happy she's home," her grandaughter told reporters. "We're hoping for the best care for her."