Police confirmed that it was a fight between a male driver and his female passenger that caused a 1998 Mercury Sable to race out of control, jump the sidewalk and slam into two children walking home with their father.

It happened just before 5 p.m. Sunday on North Conduit Avenue and 160th Street in Springfield Gardens, Queens.

Eleven-year-old Teajon Sylla and his 4-year-old sister Aicha were returning from a store, where they bought pencils for school, when the car seemed to come out of nowhere and crashed on them.

The father escaped injury, but his daughter was severely hurt and knocked unconscious. She was at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in critical condition and her brother was listed as being stable.

The car tore up a fence and concrete as it careened across the sidewalk. The windshield was shattered. The driver, said to be 39 and not immediately identified and his unidentified passenger escaped injury.

Police hauled the man off to the 113th Precinct where he was held on a charge unrelated to the accident. He was charged with violating an order of protection against the woman who was in the car with him. PIX 11 News observed at the scene but she refused to comment.

Though the police investigation is continuing, there was no indication of criminality involved in the accident. The driver remained at the scene. Residents of the area complained that cars often come racing down North Conduit Avenue as they exited the Belt Parkway.

Sultana Razia stood dazed with her children as she watched police clear the accident scene.

Razia told PIX 11 News that she was close to the Sylla family, who have lived here for three years. She expressed fear that she and her children are vulnerable to such a tragedy unless something is down to stop cars from speeding.

Nine-year-old Mohamed Sylla, who was being cared for by his neighbor, looked frightened. He looked at a reporter and said, "I hope they're still alive. I hope they didn't kill them. I just want them to come home."