Several bad accidents have been caught by Nassau County since officials installed several redlight cameras at various intersections last year.

Initially, capturing the collisions wasn't the purpose of the cameras. Officials' intention was to catch motorists who run red lights and later issue tickets to the traffic violators.

Now Nassau's traffic cameras are being challenged.

Sam Levine, a former judge whose wife got busted running a red light here at Daly Boulevard and Long Beach Road says the cameras are unconstitutional and has filed suit in state supreme court.

"Questions about confrontation of the accuser, proper evidence and whether or not there is a presumption of innocence and it appears there is a presumption of guilt the way this is established." said Levine.

For the moment, he is winning the fight. Since his wife was driving his car at the time of the violation, Levine was supposed to appear in traffic court Wednesday, but was given a stay while a judge can make a ruling.

It should be noted that just because Levine got out of court, other violators will not be able to dodge the same bullet unless they hire an attorney and take the same legal route. If he does win, tens of thousands of tickets could be thrown out and people who paid could in effect get their money back."

That would include New York City because the suit was filed in state supreme court.

The Nassau County Attorney is not worried, telling PIX 11 News challenges to the cameras in other states have always failed.

He says you can dispute the 50 dollar ticket, and sometimes mistakes can be made. However, for the most part the camera doesn't lie and their purpose is to cut down on accidents like the ones caught on tape.