Call To Chinatown Fire Leads To A Gruesome Double Murder

Firefighters responding to a call in Chinatown Friday discovered a double homicide, both women had been shot in the head.

Responding to a call at 83 Henry St., firefighters quickly noticed something was amiss when it became clear the fire began in two separate points of the same apartment. Five bullet casings lay by the two women were found dead in the bedroom at the rear of the unit.

A source tells PIX11 one of the women was in her mid 30s the other victim was approximately 40 years old. The investigation has been taken over by fire marshals and the NYPD homicide squad.

Detectives are combing through surveillance video from buildings nearby, according to a source who says a man wearing gloves is seen leaving the building in one of the videos they have obtained. He has yet to be identified.

Neighbors tell PIX11 that strangers were regularly seen coming in and out of the first floor apartment. A prostitution angle is one of the possible motives that homicide detectives are considering, as well as a motive related to investment in a fund popular in some Chinese communities. There were boxes of condoms found in the apartment, but also multiple receipts from the fund.

So far no weapon has been recovered.

Or investment in a fund popular in some Chinese communities is being looked at as a possible motive.