Two administrators at a Bedford-Stuyvestant school, hit hard by the Haiti earthquake disaster, are working toward adopting young children victimized by the tragedy.

Assistant Principals, Henry Renelus and Regina Tottenham, both full time parents with full time jobs overseeing P368K, a school for special needs children, traveled to Haiti after the earthquake with the intentions of adopting children affected by the disaster.

Renelus and Tottenham never spent much time together outside of work until their week-long trip to Haiti last month. They both visited Bon Samaritan, an orphanage, where 55 kids reportedly sleep in tents. It is located about 20 miles north of Port-au-Prince.

Tottenham is in the processing of adopting a 6-month-girl named Charlinda, who was apparently left in a basket by her mother after the quake.

Renelus, will be adopting 5-year-old godson Obedson and his 16-year-old brother Jon Peterson after their house was completely flattened in the earthquake.