Bronx Mom Stabbed, Killed By Unstable Friend
A Bronx mother was stabbed and killed by her mentally unstable friend, who became violent in an uncontrolled fit of rage.

Magdalena Cordero was found sprawled inside her friend's Kingsbridge apartment just after 2 a.m. Saturday.

Her friend, identified as Tamisha Spellman, may have had a mental breakdown, police sources said.

Neighbors say Spellman had exhibited violent outbursts before; namely when she tried to stab a neighbor and had to be subdued.

"She has mental issues and seizures, and she blanks out a lot," a neighbor told the Daily News.

Police say Cordero and Spellman had been smoking marijuana in Spellman's second-floor apartment of the Kingsbridge Terrace building Saturday at the time of the attack.

A third friend on the way to Spellman's apartment heard screams and immediately asked a neighbor to call 911. He then discovered Spellman standing over Cordero, police said.

Cordero, who had several stab wounds to the chest, died a short time later at New York Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.

Spellman, 32, underwent a psychiatric evaluation at North Central Bronx Hospital. It's still unclear whether she had a violent reaction to the marijuana.

Family members concerned about Spellmen's violent behavior had recently removed her daughter from her custody.

Charges against her were pending.