Dead 2-Year-Old Wakes Before Own Funeral, Asks For Water, Dies Again
Police are investigating the claims made by a Brazilian father who said his dead 2-year-old son sat up in his casket moments before he was to be buried and asked for water, only to die again.

According to reports, Kelvin Santos died from complications of pneumonia at the Aberlardo Santos Hospital in the northern city of Belem on June 1.

Doctors declared him dead at 7:40 p.m. and his body was immediately handed over to his family for a wake the following day.

An hour before his funeral, Kelvin's body laid in an open casket where he was surrounded by relatives and friends in prayer.

Witnesses say the child suddenly reanimated, sitting up in his coffin where he reportedly asked his father, "Daddy, can I have some water?"

"Everybody started to scream, we couldn't believe our eyes," the father, Antonio Santos, recounted to a local newspaper. "Then we thought a miracle had taken place and our boy had come back to life."

Unfortunately, the apparent miracle was short lived after the boy, according to Mr. Santos, died again.

"Then Kelvin just laid back down, the way he was. We couldn't wake him. He was dead again."

The child was transported back to the hospital where doctors pronounced him dead for the second time in two days. The claim puzzled doctors and have launched a police complaint by the child's father.

Antonio Santos believes his son was a victim of medical malpractice.