After Bomb Scare, Bloomberg Budget Priorities Shift
With a botched Times Square bomb plot heavy on the minds of his constituents, Mayor Bloomberg is reversing course on a plan to slash the number of cops patrolling city streets.

Tomorrow, the mayor will release his 2011 Executive Budget, which restores funding for almost 900 NYPD positions that were originally slated to be phased out through attrition.

"The Mayor will lay out a budget on Thursday that by necessity will include further cuts to many important City services, but it won't include a reduction in the number of police officers out on our streets," said mayoral spokesman Stu Loeser.

Bloomberg was criticized in January when he proposed cutting the beat cops. The mayor says higher than expected tax revenues allowed him to come up with $55 million necessary to keep the officers patrolling city streets.

The number of uniformed officers on New York City streets has steadily decreased since a peak of more then 40,000 in 2000. Currently, the mayor's office estimates there are about 35,000 cops on the streets of the five boroughs.