Two bodies discovered late Wednesday in a car in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, may be those of a New Jersey couple who went missing 17 days ago, according to a source close to the investigation.

Evande "Cassy" Orna, 39, and a man she was dating, Troy Edwards, 40, disappeared after leaving on a trip to Richmond, Virginia two weeks before last Sunday.

The Nissan Altima found on E. 52nd and Snyder has the same license plate as they one the two were traveling in, but the bodies have not yet been positively identified.

Orna's mother, Veronica Ramessar, told the Star Ledger that she suspected foul play in the case.

She even gave a sample of her DNA to police in case a body was found. "I think my daughter's dead, because my daughter calls me every day," she said

Ramessar was reportedly suspicious of the man her daughter was dating, and when Orna told her she would give her life for the man, "I hit her in her face," Ramessar told the Star-Ledger. "I don't like Troy."

"I think she died for him for real," Ramessar said.