The Juniper Civic Association held a meeting at Our Lady of Hope Thursday night in Middle Village. The focus of the meeting the tornado that hit the area and the city's response to the storm and cleanup.

Residents voted on how city agencies responded, the FDNY got an A for their efforts. The NYPD got an F and Mayor Bloomberg got an F. Robert Holden president of the Civic Association says the grades were justified.

Earlier in the day, the Office of Emergency Management held a briefing to update cleanup efforts in Queens.

Hundreds of crews have been working around the clock since the storm hit clearing tree debris. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg also talked about the work being done. He said there is a lot to be done and it will take time to get to every street.

But the people of Middle Village say they want less talk and more action.

Its been a long week since the tornado struck and now those affected by the storm say they just want their neighborhood and lives back to normal.