Mayor Michael Bloomberg sat across the table with the parents and grandparents of Leiby Kletzky Monday night, emerging from the 10 minute meeting, Bloomberg told reporters, "I don't know why God sometimes does things, but it is what it is and I think we all should when we go to bed, take a look at our children and hope this doesn't happen to us."

The mayor was flanked by Police Commissioner Ray Kelly during the visit at Leiby's home in Borough Park, Brooklyn. Meanwhile, in Manhattan, his accused killer Levi Aron was in the midst of a psychiatric examination. Emerging from a meeting with their client, defense attorney's Pierre Bazile and Gerard Marrone spoke of concern over Aron's mental state, "He's been hearing voices for quite some time. He tries to quell some of the voices by listening to music... he listens to it very loud to quell some of the voices."

Aron, an Orthodox Jew, has left the Hasidic community and the city itself at a loss to explain his actions. The 35 year old has made statements to investigators detailing how he suffocated the 8 year old with a towel then dismembered the child. Still, investigators are trying to piece together a motive for his picking Leiby up to begin with. Last Monday, Leiby's parents allowed the boy to walk home after school for the first time. Leiby's missed a turn and during the course of the next half hour ran into the suspect, asking him for directions.

Yaakov German was instrumental in locating the surveillance videos that led police to the suspects door, when asked by PIX 11 News if there were any prior cases where Aron acted inappropriately with children he answered, "That's what we're hearing on the block, that he was calling, a week ago, kids into the car."

Police believe Leiby was tied up, and fough the suspect, leaving scratchemarks on Aron's forearms. The Medical Examiner's office is awaiting results from further testing on tissue samples as well as the results of toxicology tests. A grand jury is expected to hand down an indictment this week.