Police are on the hunt for a BB-gun sniper who is terrorizing a block on the Lower East Side.

According to New York City police, so far, eight people have been shot at and several car windows have been blown out. The shootings are taking place on the corner of Avenue D and East Third Street.

A construction worker was among those injured last Thursday when the BB gun sniper took aim at him while he was working at 8:30 a.m. Edward Gilyard told PIX News he didn't know he was hit until he felt a sharp pain on his right temple and felt blood on his head.

"All of a sudden I felt something hit me," explained Gilyard. "At first I thought maybe a car rolled by, hit a pebble on the ground and it popped up and hit me."

Doctors later found two pellets lodges into his skull.

Shortly after Gilyard was hit, a taxi windshield was reportedly shattered on Avenue D.

Police believe the suspect was perched in the Lillian Wald Public Housing Complex. Investigators think the sniper is operating from one of the top floors of the housing complex.

"It might be a pellet gun. It might be a little more powerful than a BB gun and maybe they don't understand that," said Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly.

The NYPD said Gilyard is one of two pedestrians that have been hit by BB sniper fire since Sept. 24th.

On Sept. 6, a separate BB attack left a 47-year-old woman with an injured arm. Cops arrested two teen boys and a teen girl for that attack - but eight sniper incidents since remain unsolved.

"Anybody could be a target," said resident Manny Torres. "I think it's probably little adolescents acting crazy. "

Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS. All calls will be kept confidential.