Brooklyn Teacher Raped Student, Bribed Him With Drugs: Cops

Claudia Tillery (FACEBOOK)

Fresh on the heels of the Penn State sex abuse scandal, a Brooklyn teacher is accused of the ultimate violation of trust, raping one of her own students.  The mother of three is now behind bars. 

The 15 year veteran teacher earns an $85,000 a year salary at a school where 80% of her students live below the poverty line.  And it's alleged she used her big salary and status as a trusted teacher to lure her victim, get him drunk and high, then rape him.

Father Stanly Tumi has a new lesson to teach his 11 year old son Luciano today, about how a beloved teacher can be arrested for unthinkable crimes.

"I'm so disappointed," he said while shaking his head and holding his son's hand tightly.  His 6 th grader added, "I'm just shocked.  She's really strict, but she was one of my favorites."

42 year old Claudia Tillery, a 6th grade humanities teacher at MS 35, the Stephen Decatur school in Bed Stuy Brooklyn, was arrested last night for sexually assaulting a student for two years, and giving him drugs and alcohol.

Tillery shares a three bedroom apartment with her three children, two sons ages 6 and 11, and a 21 year old daughter at 703 Rogers Avenue.  Her neighbors reacted in horror upon learning the charges.

"She's crazy," said the hairdresser in the Dominican Hair Salon who sees Tillery walking with her boys in the afternoons.

Police say Tillery acted as a perverted "Sugar Mommy", plying the 12 year old boy with money and a cell phone.  They would be together several times a week after school.  They would either be in her apartment or at a short stay motel.  Police say the boy told them they would smoke marijuana and drink alcohol, then Tillery would sexually assault the boy.  The relationship may have soured over the boy, now 14, taking a video of Tillery.  Perhaps fearing it could be evidence, she became enraged and threatened the boy, who in turn told another teacher.  Police were called in.

Tillery was expected to be arraigned on various rape and sex assault charges, as well as for giving a minor drugs and alcohol.  At Stephen Decautur, 80 percent of the students live below the poverty line; Tillery's $85,000 a year salary provided for luxuries many children wouldn't get in their own homes. 

Tillery has been teaching here for 15 years, and police arrived throughout the day to continue their investigation, undoubtably looking for other possible victims, past and present.