Five Suspects Arrested In Shooting Death Of Veteran NYPD Cop
Five suspects have been arrested and charged with second degree murder in the shooting death of a veteran NYPD officer in a squalid Brooklyn apartment. Officer Peter Figoski was shot once in the face early Monday morning when he responded as back-up to a 911 call for a robbery in progress.

Initially, police thought they were helped by good Samaritans when they arrived on the scene, but on the PIX 11 Morning News, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said Tuesday some of those people were involved in the attempted heist of drug proceeds and are now in jail.

"Who we initially believe to be good Samaritans that had come across the street to help the victim, we now believe that they were involved with the robbery itself," Kelly said.

27-year-old Nelson Morales, 22-year-old Ariel Tejada and 21-year-old Michael Velez have been identified as the other suspects

"There is another individual, Kevin Santos, who struggled with Officer Glenn Estrada in the front yard of the building -- he is in custody he is being charged as well" said Kelly.

Cops say Lamont Pride, 27, of Coney Island was the shooter. He was arrested at the scene after a struggle with Figoski's partner Officer Glenn Estrada just after 2 a.m. Monday.

Pride has a long rap sheet with numerous drug arrests and was in police custody on a North Carolina assault charge as late as November but officials in North Carolina did not extradite him. He was released and he was back on the streets in a position to kill.

The alleged shooter, Lamont Pride, as well as the other 4 suspects, were arraigned Tuesday afternoon. All the men have been charged with second degree murder.

In the meantime, community members plan to honor the slain officer with a candlelight vigil Tuesday evening near the scene of the shooting at 25 Pine Street in Cypress Hills.