Subway riders and community leaders are outraged over major service disruptions that are set to take place on the 7 line next weekend.

MTA officials say a section of the line in Long Island City will be closed for seven weekends starting Jan. 29.

Jimmy Van Bramer, the neighborhood's new councilman, said that many people in the area rely heavily on the 7 train.

"We cannot continue to see these massive service reductions every year with little or no community input or notification," he said.

Many commuters say the MTA did not give them adequate warning - saying they only heard about the service disruptions last week.

For its part, the transportation agency says maintenance must be done on weekends since crews aren't allowed to do nighttime work on elevated lines. As a result, MTA officials are offering shuttle service between Vernon Boulevard-Jackson Avenue and Queensboro Plaza.

However Bramer is also calling on the MTA to provide bus service directly to Grand Central.

Subway riders in western Queens will be mostly affected. Those who take the 7 line into or out of Manhattan will need to get off the train, onto a bus and then back on the train.

The news of 7 line disruptions comes just as the MTA announces plans to eliminate the M and W lines.

According to MTA documents, the M line will disappear. In its wake, the V line, which runs from Forest Hills to 2nd Avenue in the Lower East Side, will absorb the M line's Brooklyn-Queens route from Myrtle Avenue to Middle Village-Metropolitan Avenue.

M line passengers in Queens will have to transfer to the J train at Myrtle Avenue for continued service into Manhattan.

Along with doing away with the M, the MTA plans on eliminating the W line and shortening the G train's route.

In March, the MTA will hold a series of public hearings and will focus on service cuts.

New York State law mandates hearings occur before the service cuts.