Allie Mac Kay was live in Brentwood with a preview of the new BUStaurant.

WORLD FARE Not satisfied with the "Taco Truck" as a vehicle to deliver an exceptional mobile restaurant. Travis Schmidt and Jason Freeman went and bought a Vintage Double Decker, we figured add another level, take things to a new level. Americas first "BUStaurant" was founded.

After months of kitchen design, and months of redesign the bus has been built! The buildout was like watching a 6 month episode of "Pimp My Ride". A full kitchen on the bottom, with rooftop dining open air! The "carrera marble" countertops make street food feel civilized if not refined.

Los Angeles is often referred to as a "melting pot" World Fare views the cultural landscape as more of a fruit salad with communities, nations and cultures all mixed together in a large dish, the bustaurant was created to inspire people to connect; and share life in the city and tastes of the world.

World Fare
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