What to do When you have been Laid Off

Understand your Severance Package

Review and Understand how your Company Benefits will be Changed
Health Insurance
Disability Insurance
Life Insurance
401k Plan

Apply for Unemployment

Update your Budget...put plan in place to balance your income and expenses

Consider Rolling your 401k to an IRA account

Begin Networking for a New Job

Social Security

Social Security's finances are getting worse as the economy struggles to recover and millions of baby boomers stand at the brink of retirement. New congressional projections show Social Security running deficits every year until its trust funds are eventually drained in about 2037. It is now more than ever important to build your retirement nest egg personally:

Contribute as much as you can to company 401k plans...$16,500

If you are over age 50 contribute the extra $5000

Contribute to a Roth IRA or traditional IRA if you qualify

Review your investment strategy at least annually

For more investment information: