December 19: Your Money Matters - Get Promoted
Adriana Llames
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Do a Better Than Good Job:
Plain and simple doing a stellar job in your current position will help you make a better case for yourself. Excellent performance reviews and your reputation as an employee will make a big impression and carry lots of weight when it comes to promotion consideration.

Be a Team Player:
Volunteer to serve on work committees and help fellow co-workers or your boss when time permits. You'll start to be known as a team player that colleagues want to work with.

Don't Miss Work:
Being on time and not continually taking time off will help show you are dedicated to your position. Employees who miss a lot of work aren't taken as seriously.

Continue Your Education:
If your company offers professional development classes take advantage. Keeping at the top of your game with any technical skills shows you are willing to take it to the next level.

Network within your own company. Attend company gatherings and get to know your co-workers and superiors. It's hard to consider an employee for a promotion who stays under the radar.

Follow the Application Process and Talk with Your Boss:
These go hand in hand. Don't just assume you will get the new job. Update your resume and write a targeted cover letter for the job you are interested in. And always clue your current boss into your intentions. You'll want him/her on your side, providing you with references and wishing you well.