TRAILER ALERT: "The Bourne Legacy" Teaser

NOW do you believe Jeremy Renner can carry an action flick?

Yes, I know.

It's just a trailer.

Renner is taking over the lead in the Jason Bourne series, but "Legacy" is a spinoff, not a reinvention. I really like the design of the trailer, which definintely has a Hitchcock"Psycho"opening titles vibe.

Check it out.....

Now watch the "Psycho" opening titles, HERE.

Ironically, Matt Damon's "The Talented Mr. Ripley" used the same "revealing sections" technique in its opening sequence, but with off-center and slanting lines....

Hopefully this means "The Bourne Legacy" will bring us a character with a lot of depth, and plenty of things to hide. Renner can definitely carry a movie like this, and with "Bourne" scribe and "Michael Clayton" helmer Tony Gilroy taking over the directing duties, it could be one of the more interesting movies to see this summer.

We'll find out when it opens on August 3rd.