Technology & Fitness-Get Moving!

How Technology Changed Fitness

We spend most of our waking hours staring at a screen, and that doesn’t leave us much time for exercising. But, with all the technology in the world today we can redeem some on-line time and get a great workout!

NIKE is synonymous with fitness and they say, if you have a body, you’re an athlete. NIKE has evolved their gear with the growing technology trend to incorporate the latest for the athlete in all of us.  NIKE+ offers a variety of ways to track your runs with the NIKE + sport watch, NIKE+ iphone GPS app, NIKE+ ipod nano and NIKE+ ipod touch. The GPS app give you the ability to track your miles, save your routes, set goals, challenge friends, and it  allows you to hear cheers from your adoring fans while you’re on the go! 

Apple is synonymous with technology, but doesn’t lack in the fitness arena. They have downloadable apps on itunes to ensure a great workout.  FitnessClass for iPad lets you stream workout videos over WiFi or 3G while you listen to your own music and get interactive.  You can choose from more than 300 fitness classes, see estimated calorie counts, post your completed status to Facebook & Twitter and keep track of every workout you perform. While the Gorilla Workout for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad is a fast-paced, no-equipment is needed for the grouping of over 40+ exercises. Each exercise can be done practically anywhere, and targets specific muscle groups to help you strengthen, tone and melt away excess fat. This is the perfect fitness app for people who want to get in to seriously great shape, lose weight, and gain strength without breaking the bank. 

Speaking of breaking the bank, personal trainers can cost a fortune and might not even give you the results you want.  But new websites like provide a virtual trainer in your pocket for no cost. At any moment you can go on-line, pick the workout, trainer, and even city of your liking, and exercise at your convenience for little to no cost. Websites like these are easy to use, need little equipment and make exercise convenient.

The Nintendo Wii is a popular video gaming system, but did you know they offer fitness games?  The fun, interactive experience lets gamers interact with fitness video games and has made it cheap and easy for people to exercise in their own homes, and on their own schedule.  The Wii fitness games can create highly personalized exercise programs for every user because you can enter personal information and the Wii remote monitors every movement.  Even celebrity trainers are putting their names to Wii fitness games. My Fitness Coach and Wii Fit let you choose from a variety of workouts every time, including cardio, strength, yoga, abdominals and stretching.

Netflix not only gives you hours of “couch potato” movie time, but you can also use it to get healthy.  Netflix offers a wide variety of fitness videos that you can stream in the privacy of your own home. Video workouts like Zumba Dance, The 10 Minute Solution, Yoga, Pilates, Bellydance and classes from gyms like Crunch are a few you can choose from.

With the technological advances in the world of fitness there is no reason not to exercise.  It’s anyone's time to turn on the TV, log on to the internet, download an app and start your workout today.  It can even be more fun and definitely more convenient to maintain a physically active lifestyle.  From TVs to phones to laptops to ipads, there is a way to continue to live a healthy life in our busy world.