WATCH:  Staycation Vacation to the Station

Journalists are never really on vacation.  Phones keep ringing and emails keep flying in.  I had taken this week off to relax and spend time with my kids since they're both out of school now.  I have yet to relax and my kids have been busy with camps, classes and friends.

Two days into my staycation, I was back at my WGN desk to work on my entry for this year's Chicago/Midwest Emmy Awards.  It's work!  The entry process is detailed and any misstep can lead to disqualification. 

I was also working to firm up coverage on a story I had phoned in earlier.  It all started with a tip via Twitter from Ramon DeLeon, a Chicago-based social media maven who is often travelling the world to speak about it.  Ramon graduated from the Burr School in Bucktown 30 years ago.  He was returning yesterday to be the graduation speaker and his principal from back then was retiring.  It was nice to see the story get some airtime on the WGN Evening News with Mark Suppelsa and Lourdes Duarte.  

So from my staycation this week, I've learned that I really need to go far, far away in order to relax and feel like I'm on vacation.  A lot of people in the news business know that time off is really just time away from the workplace. Despite what the schedule indicates about vacation, if there's a breaking story anywhere near me at any time, I want to be the one to report it.  Even from a beach chair in Santorini or Sao Paolo.

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