Christians celebrate Good Friday

At a prayer service in Daley Plaza to celebrate Good Friday, Cardinal George likened the suffering of Jesus on this day to the suffering of Christians in Chicago whether it is from illness, death,  financial problems, anything that causes pain. 

After his remarks, there was a procession through the streets of Chicago, past Millennium Park, Tribune Tower Plaza, ending at Holy Name Cathedral.

Another annual tradition took place this today in the Pilsen Neighborhood.  Comunity members marched in a procession down 18th Street and reenacted Jesus's last days.

The Via Crucis, also known as Via Dolorosa or "the Ways of Christ," is the path of Jesus Christ leading to his crucifixion in Calvary, his final hours and the devotion to the Passion.

There are 14 stations depicted in pictures or sculptures from Christ's condemnation to death to His crucifixion and death on the cross to his entombment.

The Hispanic community in Pilsen has been staging the Passion of Christ on Good Friday for the last 30 plus years or so, usually along the busy business district on 18th Street. Participants start with the reenactment of Christ's last supper with his disciples and end at Harrison Park for the crucifixion.