Rolling Along With the New Facebook

Maybe because it's fall and the leaves are changing.  Maybe because I know how things are constantly changing in the tech world.  Maybe because I'm used to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks.  But I actually like the new Facebook features and layout.

There's quite an outcry all over the world, though.  I even heard a lot of grumbling within the tech crowd yesterday at Social Media Week.  I suppose for many people it's like coming home to find that your spouse rearranged all the furniture and you can't find your favorite chair.  Eventually, you find your chair and fall into a new routine.

Well, get ready.  More changes are being announced today at the F8 conference, the annual gathering for Facebook developers.

Here are some of the latest articles explaining the changes and what's in the works at Facebook (click on titles to link to the articles and read on):

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