Terror bombing suspect to remain in custody
18-year-old Adel Daoud will remain in custody while he awaits trial. A federal judge decided Thursday the teen poses too much of a threat to public safety.

Daoud is accused of trying to detonate what he thought was a car bomb outside a West Loop bar last Friday night.

The bomb was a fake and the man who gave it to him was an undercover FBI agent.

According to the FBI, the alleged attempted bombing was a culmination of several months of planning by Daoud, during which the agency says he made a list of 29 potential targets in Chicago, then scouted those targets to see which one would reap the most devastation.

But it's the tactics used by the FBI during the investigation that Daoud's attorney, Tom Durkin, says is cause for concern.

"I've never seen entrapment, or at least the suggestion of entrapment jump off the facts from a sworn complaint from a government agent," Durkin said.

But the U.S.  attorney's office argued the evidence not only shows Daoud was the instigator every step along the way in his alleged plan to kill Americans, but that he also had numerous opportunities to back out.

Durkin says he will continue to request his client be released pending trial.