Possible cougar sighting in Winnetka

Police in north suburban Winnetka are investigating a possible cougar sighting near the Erickson Forest Preserve.

The unconfirmed sighting Monday night near the 1300 Block of Willow Road follows reliable reports of a cougar in suburban Glencoe just a couple of weeks ago.

A licensed wildlife expert is working with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to confirm the latest sighting in Winnetka.  If the presence of a cougar is confirmed, then a plan will be made to trap and relocate the animal.

In the meantime, residents say they will be careful with their dogs and keep them indoors or on a leash while taking walks.

Wildlife experts say cougars will shy away from people.  However, in the rare occurance you do encounter a cougar, officials say don't run, stand you ground and make a lot of noise.