Peterson Trial: Savio doctor says she was less likely to fall

Testimony wrapped up early  in the Drew Peterson trial Friday as prosecutors were dealt a huge blow.

Judge Ed Burmila barred the testimony of Stacy Peterson's friend Scott Rossetto. Stacy Peterson had allegedly confided in Rossetto that Drew Peterson had come home late the night Kathleen Savio died.

The defense complained that Rossetto testified to a date and location that directly contradicts the information prosecutors had provided the defense as recent as just before lunch Friday.

According to the defense, Rossetto was expected to testify about a conversation he had with Stacy, in a Denny's restaurant, which is what was in his initial police report. On the stand, he said conversation took place in his apartment.

Burmila told the State that their dates of when this occurred are "shifting like the sand at a moment's notice," he said. "You are fishing all over the place to find a date that's convenient." The judge said that it goes to the witnesses credibility.

Earlier Friday, prosecutors continued to hammer away at the finding that Peterson's third wife, Kathleen Savio, died from a fall and drowning in her bathtub.

A doctor who treated Savio for stress before she died testified he gave her medication to help her with dizziness.

Dr. Gene Neri says he thinks she would have been less likely to fall in the bathtub because patients with her condition tend to be more careful.

Prosecutors say Peterson killed Savio and staged the bathtub scene to make it look like an accident.