Stacy Peterson's pastor testifies; Prosecution may rest on Friday

The man who once served as a pastor to Stacy Peterson testified on Thursday at the Drew Peterson murder trial.

   Stacy is Peterson's fourth wife, and has been missing for years.

   The Rev. Neil Schori told the jury he met Stacy at a Starbucks in Bolingbrook in August of 2007. He said she was visibly shaken and seemed nervous. He claimed she confided in him that she and Drew went to bed together one night, but when she woke up in the early morning hours, Drew was gone. She said when he came home, he was dressed in black. She claimed she opened the washing machine and noticed there were womens clothes in there that did not belong to her.   

   Schori then told the court, “He told her that soon the police would be wanting to sit down and interview her and he told her what to say to the police." He said Stacy began to cry and “she said she lied on Drews behalf to the police.”

   Defense attorney Joe Lopez cross-examined Schori. Lopez asked why he didn’t call the FBI, send her to a shelter or give her additional counseling. Schori said Stacy asked him not to say anything.

   Lopez also asked Schori why he let her go back home to live with a murderer. “It’s not a matter of letting” said Schori, “I didn’t stop her.”

   Lopez later accused Schori of “embarrassing” his clients because he counsels in public. Lopez asked him if he did this “so they can cry in front of everybody?”  Schori responded by saying, “I think what I do I do well.” Schori then went on to explain he does it so there is no appearance of impropriety .

Also today, self-proclaimed victims advocate Jeff Ruby, was thrown-out from the courtroom.

He was kicked-out for making direct eye contact with Peterson, and mouthing an expletive.

Ruby also took out ads in the newspapers attacking the defense, the defendant, and the judge and calling this trial 'shameless.'

Over the lunch hour as defense attorney's were returning to the courthouse a man outside grabbed one of the defense teams interns by the arms and made a comment about the trial. The man was arrested by Joliet Police and will be charged with battery. It is not known what the man said.

Prosecution is nearing the end. They may be prepared to rest their case as early as tomorrow morning.